108 Decorative Floral Corners Free Vector Pack

108 Decorative Floral Corners Free Vector Pack
Design by: Fengfeeldesign | License : Check Original source

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The decoration of the 108 type that was excerpt from past article is copyright free of vector data that was outlined in Adobe Illustrator. Kado the 108"" we have become a bidding system. By all means, it is fortunate if you can help in future activities. When downloading, thank you to ""Retweet & Fabo or share,"" here ? {https://twitter.com/printersflowers/status/540761644423323648} The ""kado the 108 (https://gum.co/ZXnOh)"" package ""kei the 450"" was recorded 450 species useful border, data format at Irare (.ai) and transmission image (.Png) we offer ? https://gum.co/SSSGr In addition, sampling the decoration of the 108 types by 10 types in the system of decoration type 108 that the ""1080"" was picked up from the past of the literature of copyright-free corner was outlined in Adobe Illustrator and newly written by hand, and Ya Adobe Illustrator , what you have created as data suitable for the current print, to enhance the ability of as palette will help you understand your deeper widely, finished with sampling and hand-painted decoration ""1080"" thing ""kado the 108Z"" is here ? https://gum.co/ybOU Package Contents: All outlined been 108 kinds of decoration / Adobe recorded in (.ai) of Illustratorver.10 /. Vector tagged as antique, blossom, border designs, bouquet, corner,

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